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All Silent Workshop Compressors

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Why so silent?

These units are built with a special sound proof housing, with a unique fan-forced, ducted cooling system. This enables the unit to run up to 50% cooler than standard receiver mount compressors. All models are fitted with superior shock absorbers to ensure low noise and vibration. The future is here and every workshop deserves a quiet, modern design air compressor.

If you’re looking for a silent compressor in Australia, you can’t go past the select range of specially designed models by Boss. With multiple noise-reducing features, they are great for any site. We also offer a great range of other products, offering clients with a 3 phase compressor or diesel option.


We can help out, anywhere in Australia

For the ultimate, versatile, ready-to-go solution don’t miss our packages, which come complete with tank and fittings. These are available to be shipped to any destination in the country at an affordable rate; please see the freight calculator on the individual product page for exact rates. If you need more technical information or assistance with ordering, feel free to give the team at Boss a call on (07) 3800 0105.

Silent Air Compressor Solutions

Air compressors are not known to be the quietest piece of equipment onsite. The power that’s needed and the size of the intake creates a loud rumbling sound that can be heard quite a distance away.

This can be very difficult for areas where health and safety regulations severely limit noise. It can also be tough for sites in medium-high density residential areas. However, there is a solution – the Boss silent air compressor in Australia.

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